Formed in September 2010, the Centre of Excellence initially had two students and in December had four students. In January 2011 we had a full class of seven students with severe learning difficulties of different conditions. We  introduced assistant teachers because most students are not independent. They require assistance in daily skills like feeding, toiletry and fine motor skills. Assistant teachers provide them with individual physical and verbal prompting for effective learning to occur.

The one to one interaction has resulted in tremendous achievements with students improving in every aspect of their cognitive and adaptive skills. Paidamoyo Shoriwa mastered the grade one and two concepts and graduated back to the main stream.

Students also have an opportunity of playing all co-curricular activities such as Bowling, Golf, Horse Riding, Gymnastics and Piano to improve in physical fitness, co-operation, social interaction, fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. Here students are supported physically and verbally depending on the students’ disability.


Our Passion
‘‘Is To Maximize Your Child’s Potential’’